$18.5 Baby Lunch Club


Craving pasta? Pining for panuozzi? Set your heart on some zuppa? You can take your pick with our brand-new weekday lunch specials, Baby!

From 12-3pm Monday to Friday, we’re spreading the love with Baby Lunch Club — a trio of tasty $18.5 plates that are perfect for cosying up to on your lunchbreak.

Go for the Pistachio Pesto Fusilloni, dig into our San Daniele Prosciutto Panuozzo with Buffalo Mozzarella, or try the Braised Beef & Vegetable Soup with Toasted Focaccia. There’s also a range of snacks and sides to add on, plus a handful of cheeky $10.5 drink specials.

Bookings and walk-ins are welcome, with tables available for groups of up to 10.